Apache and dewalt workwear

In my opinion apache and dewalt are the two brands you should be looking at for your workwear gear. Trousers are something you should be buying for your work force. Quality materials and hard wearing long lasting products.

www.dbworkwear.co.uk are my go to supplier for all my gear as they are cheap and offer free delivery. I get all my Workwear trousers from there.

Quality clothing at low prices are not easy to find. Normally you get what you pay for but work wear gear seems to have it nailed. The durability is outstanding, the stuff just lasts forever. It’s made for building sites so you can see why.

Apache boots are also a great product.

I provide my employees with all their clothing as they get pretty messy in the factory, so I need long lasting stuff and I need it to be cheap. That’s why I buy the stuff from dbworkwear.co.uk

The candle making business is messy! Wax is hard to get out of your clothes whether it has set or not,  but once it sets into the fibers it’s hard to get out. So you need to wash them on very high temperatures so the wax melts and washes out. Most clothing doesn’t stand up to repeated boil washes but this stuff does so it makes financial and economical sense to buy it even if it costs slightly more than cheap stuff from the supermarket. That stuff only lasts five minutes so what is the point. It costs more in the long run and is just wasteful.  I usually keep some gear in stock so my staff are never without it.

DB will also embroider your clothing for you with your company logo, this isn’t available on their website but if you phone them up they will sort it out for you. The cost for embroidery is very low, I don’t know how these embroidery companies make any money to be honest. I couldn’t operate on such low margins.

Getting a good accountant in Darlington

Darlington is a strange town, it’s really big but not quite city big. For some reason though it has more accountants than most cities. So how do you choose one? Well this was my dilemma recently. I needed an accountant as I was sick and tired of doing the books myself. It basically isn’t worth it anyway, it costs like £100 to get your tax return done. That is cheap by anyone’s standards, I will pay that all day long. Anyway I jumped online and had a quick Google to see if I could find one. Absolute minefield. I only found one site that was impartial and a sort of directory.

http://www.accountants-northeast.co.uk/ was the site I was looking for. A quick search on there and I found a great darlington accountants.

I contacted them straight away and was blown away with the service I received. Everyone was so kind and helpful, and they explained everything really well. For what it’s costing me I will easily save on tax savings and the time it will save me is worth thousands. They even took a personal interest in my business and asked if they could help out in anyway, not everyone is interested in candles so this was appreciated. People taking the time to talk to you and show genuine interest is rare these days.

So I couldn’t be happier, all I have to do now is be organised with my invoices, receipts and tax forms and I am good to go!

Spray paint aerosols

One of the secrets to our coloured candles is spray paint aerosols, they give a unique property that regular paint just cannot match. By buying the correct type of paint you can safely spray a candle after it has set.

Please make sure you get the right type, always consult the manufacturer first as paint can be highly flammable! Not a good mix with candles unless you know what you are doing.

Ral aerosols are our favourite as the colours are made to last. Pantone colours are good as well.

If you look at our shop page you will see our bright and vivid colours. This is not easy to achieve in a wax which is what makes our product so unique. We plan on adding many more colors over the coming months and eventually taking custom colour orders at a slightly higher price point. This way you can get exactly what you are after from us and you know you are going to love the result.

If you are interested in custom orders then please contact us and let us know. Once we gauge interest we will make a decesion on whether to add this service. Although I may just get it added anyway as I like the idea of giving the customers the ability to order exactly what they want.